Monday, October 20, 2008

My First Tryst with Journalism

It was my first job and I was full of apprehensions. Will I be able to deliver? What if my boss doesn’t like my work? Can I write a good copy or would I turn out to be a lousy writer? An army of questions surrounded me and I surrendered just like an inexperienced and unarmed soldier. The day finally came…

I was afraid, but bit confident. And my first assignment was to look for some good story! I didn’t know what to do and whom to ask. I was working in Baroda as a stringer for a newspaper. I was expecting that my boss would give me some ideas and ask me to work on them. But, all he said was ‘give me some good ideas’.

I was baffled. But, later decided to ask some friends for some ideas. They did suggest few things but not impressive enough. I was praying profusely and, then there was a divine intervention. A telecom company had organised a press conference and I got invitation for it. Here is my story… I attended the conference and gave two stories on the second day of work. I moved around with my head held high and collars bit upped as if I had conquered Everest. That day I was reassured that GOD does exist.

But, who knew that what was lying ahead for me. Within few days, my boss started shouting, yelling and what not at me. He wouldn’t explain me anything about digging stories or writing them. Instead, he expected me to deliver good stories everyday. As if, I was some experienced journo. I was bit depressed and bewildered. A senior media person (not a journo) helped me a lot during those days.

A day came when I wasn’t able to contact mayor for story. My boss needed a quote of him, but the mayor was in Delhi for some official work. I couldn’t contact him and explained it to boss. But, he simply shouted at me and said that I am useless. That was a shock for me. I always thought that media world is friendly and enough time is given to a green horse like me.

But, he never understood it and kept yelling at me everyday. Gradually, I started growing nervy and the morning sun literally gave me jitters! What story would I give today? What if my boss doesn’t like it? Would he shout at me or suggest some story? But, the soothing words never came from his side.

Finally, two months within joining the newspaper, I decided to quit. I was confused as I didn’t have any offer on hand. So I took few days to decide and wrote a mail to him. It was my resignation letter. I never thought that I would face all this in my first job. But, as luck would have it, I walked out. That was my first tryst with Journalism – the field I was so excited to join…


Mitul Thakkar said...

Dear Tushar, good to see you in bloggining arena. Hope to read your thoughts online besides your work in print.... best wishes....

Anonymous said...

ohh God.. what start you got.. but i must say .. you are true fighter.. you din gave up so easily ... then what happen when you decided to leave your job... you might got nervous naa. abhi kya hoga ?? then what happen.. ??

fighter with moral and ethics.. its very rare combinations and difficult to find now days..

you meant to be in journalism... your actions speaks louder than your words..

aage kya hua .. with your second job..