Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Journalism: The Turning Point

The title might sound too dramatic, n a bit cliched, but it is very much true. The turning point of my life was indeed Journalism. I had never thought that i would ever work for a leading English newspaper of India and write articles on, well, everything right from sports to crime... But my life had started taking a sharp turn long back, when i decided to opt for Masters of Communication Studies instead of huh, MBA. It was a tough but instant decision for a guy like me who always dreamt of an exciting job with decent pay.

Wanted to join Navy - just like any other young patriot yearning to serve country - but soon changed my mind to hotel management by the time I passed 12th std. Got admission forms for hotel management, but didn't opt for it too ! One fine day, I just came across a piece of article in TOI that had a mention of Mass Communication Studies and its scope. I found it interesting and decided to appear for entrance exams.

It all happened too fast and before i could realise, I had passed the entrance exams at journalism faculty in M S University. Couldn't make it that year. But, it only pushed me to appear again the next year, and here i was. On the first floor of an old and rickety building located on north-end of the university campus. Though the rooms within weren't exactly that i had thought of, the lush green trees and chirping sound of birds soothed my nerves on the first day.

Being packed with a bundle of 19 youngsters - all from distinctive fields - in the faculty, I moved around like a bamboozled character for first few days. But, gradually things got better as we all jelled well with each other and became a group of 20 pals.

The next two years were a mixed bag of fun, excitement, studies, lot of writing and some flirting. What I enjoyed most in the faculty was the continous flow of new ideas and curriculum that demands creativity. Our batch was, though i wouldn't say the best, very enthusiastic and full of curiousity. There were a couple of intelligent characters, few confused and others like me - average guys with a bit of creative touch.

We even used to fight with our faculties, who more often discouraged creativity. I personally faced some bias behaviour that continues till date. But, in the end, it was all about self determination. And, we all passed out. Armed with a masters degree and high ambitions, we walked out of the faculty with a dream of changing the World... :-)

Well, that was the end of my academic mis-adventure. Or may be begining of a new life, full of doubts as well as excitement! When i took up my first job under a rash and rude Boss, only God knows how insecured and afraid I was.......


Anonymous said...

Journalism... for me this word is full of adventure and excitement and that your blog has proved... it has fascinated me to know more about your real story.. keep on updating haan.. here is one honest reader who wants to know how your reach at your ultimate destination.. and wht you had experience during your early days..


Vashishth said...

Tushar is a gem of person and occassionaly he looses his temper on nonsense people. Fortunately i am not one of them !!!!. If you scrutinized 1000 people having calibre of Mother Therrasa ..dont work hard just met Tushar !!!!