Friday, November 7, 2008

Home Coming !

I left the business newspaper midway after I learnt that my fate was hanging in balance there. Having handed over a short term contract of just few months initially, I was promised that it would be extended up to a year later. I believed in it and signed the papers.

However, later I learnt that they were going to continue extending my contract for 2 or 3 months for next one year. Reason? Even I didn’t know. I tried to find out through my sources and learnt that it was their administrative decision.

I decided to put in my papers and move on instead of working in such ambiguity. It was a tough decision but I didn’t want to continue at a place where I was not enjoying my work. Phew! You might think that his stupid boy has some problem. Where ever he works, some or other trouble is waiting to happen! Even I had started thinking the same way that I am a Problem Child!

Having packed my bags from the alien city I never managed to fall in love with, I landed back in my cosy and warm town. Aahaa… the same old roads, banyan trees sprinkled over paths at every few kilometres, my favourite M S University, the Kala Ghoda Circle, the Dairy Den Circle tea stall, Raj Mahal Road and the green little garden in backyard of my house.

It was such a nostalgic feeling that I cannot explain. Whoever said that we don’t realise the true value of things and people around us till the time they go away was very true. I never bothered to look around at these trees, the sky above, Laxmi Vilas Palace, the Vishwamitri River and as a matter of fact, even my neighbour! But, months after staying away from home, I suddenly was in love with all of it again!

It was as if I had been away for years. At that moment I realised how sensitive person I am. The feeling remained for next couple of weeks until the realties of this cruel world dawned upon me! Naukri ka kya? “Ghar par baithkar kya chidiya aur kabootar dekhta rahega,” chirped my mom. She was always worried about me as any normal mom would.

My elder bro, who was working for a multinational company, too would take me to task sometimes for leaving the Ahmedabad job. But, somewhere within I was sure that I would find a job that would help me realise my true potential.

And, here I would like to mention a famous dialogue that came out from the mouth of King Khan ala Shahrukh in his blockbuster movie Om Shanti Om. “Jab kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho to saari kaaynat tumhe usse milaane mein jut jaati hain” (When you wish for something from your heart, the whole world conspires to get you that thing).

It literally happened with me when a post for south Gujarat correspondent sprung up in a national newspaper and I was quick enough to grab it with both my hands. It wasn’t a very big achievement but had a very significant impact in my life.

I was bit worried, though, about my new venture as national newspaper had very negligible presence in Gujarat. I didn’t have much expectation from this paper owing to my prior experiences I joined there as I was getting good job profile.

Two months after opting out from Ahmedabad I had managed to land in a small but my very own cabin at my new workplace. I was given a computer equipped with internet, a telephone and file of newspapers. I didn’t have to even go through any interview as the editor just considered my prior experience and let me in!

I was supposed to cover entire south and central Gujarat for the newspaper and it was quite a responsibility for a person of my experience. I wasn’t sure how I would handle it but was confident enough to give it a try. So I took over the small cabin in December 2004 and dialled the first number to one of my good source for a Tsunami story.


Anonymous said...

God loved your dedication.. what is more important you trusted your self.. That you will reach your destination. keep the flam high...

“Jab kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho to saari kaaynat tumhe usse milaane mein jut jaati hain” (When you wish for something from your heart, the whole world conspires to get you that thing).

its a great feeling when you achieve your dream ...

i am touched..
god bless

deartush said...

Thank u dear... I had a self belief that i would achieve my dreams. Though, at present i have achieved only a part of it !

dasholime said...

While I was reading this article I felt as if these words were verbal than just textual. This particlar blog shows that one has to wait for good things to come in life.Keep blogging, its fun traveling back in ur life through words and phrases from Bollywood movies.

Anonymous said...

Hey there...

Its been long you havent updated your blog..:(
Me waiting what are you going to write next.. here are some option that i want know..

What is your take on recent terror attack??

What do you think should be the solutions ?

Please do write !!!